About Us

Zion Lutheran School & Early Childhood Center is a key element of the ministry of Zion Lutheran Church.  The Pre-School, Childhood Center, and the Church combine their efforts to ensure that every child at our facility is cared for in a nurturing, respectful and Christ-like manner.  While the Childhood Center and Pre-School strive to maintain a distinctly Christian environment, children of all faiths are welcomed.

Zion Lutheran Church was founded in 1906.  The first church building was completed in 1935, and shortly thereafter the Zion School was begun using that building for classes during the week.  In 1955 Zion opened a three room school on the present site.  Since the 1990’s, Zion has focused its school efforts on Early Childhood and Pre-School.

We have three age appropriate playgrounds shaded by old oak trees for all to experience the outdoors.  In addition we have a full-size gym for days when indoor play is more appropriate.

Office:  281-255-6203 or

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